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gecko_fans's Journal

For Lovers of gecko's everwhere.
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I made this group since it doesn't seem like gecko_lovers will be back. *sad face* The rules here are mainly ones of politeness and basically the same as with gecko_lovers.

A love of geckos or reptiles in general. After all that's what this community is all about. ^_^

No flaming. If you only want to say something rude or mean don't bother saying it. That includes name calling. Maturity is expected.

No spam. It's fine to post links if they are community related, you can post links to breeder sites, links to stores that sell habitats, or basically any reptile care site. Basically if it has to do with geckos or even reptiles than you're fine. We don't mind if you mention other kinds of reptiles or pets in your posts, but try to keep them primarily gecko-related since that's our theme.

Also related to the "No spam" rule. While We don't forbid you from posting geckos you have up for sale, it should be made clear that this should not become a community for advertising. Basically this means you can post it if you have babies or breeders for sale but not too often. Users should also be aware that this community holds no responsibility for any dealings in buying or selling reptiles or any related products.

Pictures are encouraged, but try to keep them G rated and gecko centered. This is a group for all ages. Pictures of your pets, yourbreeders, eggs or setups are more than welcome.You can post pictures of yourself as well as long as you happen to be doing something gecko related. Pictures of you holding your gecko or standing next to your gecko's setup are fine. This is not a requirement but we suggest you upload your pictures to photobucket.com as they give you links and codes automatically. Once more it's just an idea. ^_^

As with the old gecko_lovers community there are no stupid questions. Membership is open to novice through expert gecko/reptile owners and you are free to ask for or give advice as much as you want. We want this to be a pretty relaxed setting.

Talking about what you feed your geckos is perfactly fine, as are questions/comments about breeding, keeping, and feeding your geckos or the feeders you give your geckos.

Saying how much you love your pet or just talking about the cute way they hold their tail before pouncing on a cricket is also perfactly ok and will probably be cooed at. Enjoy yourself. Make friends and talk about questions, concerns or antics of your geckos. See you inside and welcome gecko fans.

As was said on the Gecko_Lovers page. "Big eyes are love!"

Big Eyes Are Love

Thanks to shiwolf for the colorbars also thanks to her for helping with the community rules. The geckos she used in the colorbar, from left to right, are Gargoyle, Leopard, Crested, Day, Tokay, Leopard, and Gargoyle.

Also a special thank you goes to CatharsisJB over at Deviantart for making the ever so cute Crested Gecko mood theme. Which is available to download here - http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/54126911/

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the above rules please make a post or contact northstar1982 or shiwolf